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Do We Need ‘Made In Europe’ Drug Labels?

Will ‘Origin’ Labelling Regain The Public’s Trust In Big Pharma? The French are asking the EU for new laws over the labelling of pharmaceuticals so that they show their country of origin, but will this really improve trust? This week, Tammy … read more

Family Health

Should we circumcise boys?

This is a topic of great debate. For centuries, people of certain religions have been circumcising their baby boys. The reason is that it reduces the risk of infections that can lead to life changing medical problems. However, many people … read more


A Healthy and Balanced Diet

A diet that is rich in a variety of plants, vegetables and fruits has been shown to improve health and ward of disease. There is a lot of debate over what proportion of your diet should be dedicated to plants … read more


Kanebo Skin Whitening Products Recalled After Medical Problems

Kanebo Cosmetics are recalling their skin whitening cream after reports of medical problems in Taiwan. The product has recently caused severe de-pigmentation and so far around 2,250 people have reported serious symptoms such as large white blotches. Over 6,800 people have reported some … read more


How to lose weight?

The key to weight loss is eating less (usually much less) and exercising. The press is often highlighting that “diets do not work” or “exercise does not work” but the reality is t hat it is people who do not … read more


Heartburn – Causes and Treatments

This page consists of a series of articles which go some way to explaining what heartburn is and how you can treat it. The first and possibly most important fact about heartburn is that it is not a heart condition, … read more


Giving blood

Donate Blood to Help Breast Cancer Patients

What Happens During and After a Blood Donation October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we decided to look at how giving blood helps doctors to provide better care for breast cancer patients. This year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been a … read more

Medical Research

New muscular dystrophy drug trials fail to meet goals

GlaxoSmithKline and Prosensa reported this week that trials for a drug to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy have failed to provide statistically significant improvement in muscle strength. The trial assessed if patients were able to walk faster over a period of six … read more


Why Is Measles Spreading in Wales?

5th April 2013 Update: More cases of measles reported. Now 541 people diagnosed. Around 20 new cases of measles every day, and now health scientists fear that the epidemic could spread to the rest of the UK. According to health records around 3,800 children … read more

Respiratory Health

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Asthma – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Asthma is a disorder that affects the respiratory system, which may cause a chronic respiratory impairment in some people or a sporadic illness manifested by periodic symptoms resulted from a number of triggering factors. What Causes Asthma? Asthma can be … read more


Liver Hormone May Lead To New Diabetes Treatment

Recent research has revealed that the pancreas is not alone in determining how much insulin is released. A newly discovered hormone which is found in the liver can promote the growth of more insulin cells in the Islets of Langerhans region … read more

Heart Health

Cleveland Clinic Scientists Study L-carnitine TMAO Heart Risks

American health scientists have discovered why red and processed meats raise risk of heart disease. While it has been known for a while that a diet high in saturated fat and salt can raise risk of developing heart disease, it … read more

Mental Health

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Mental Health Nurses and Care Providers: Overcoming Difficult Day-to-Day Challenges

By Vickie Harrison, Health and Social Care Training Executive Helping and supporting those in need, whether you’re a nurse or a care provider, is arguably one of the noblest vocations you can choose to do. Along with this, though, it can … read more

Eyes and Vision

Bionic Eye

Germans Develop Bionic Eye Implant

German scientists have developed an eye implant that allows blind people to see shapes and shades. It is the first step in creating a fully functional eye implant that will one day cure blindness. In one experiment a man that … read more


Total Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery

Most patients undergoing total hip replacement surgery want to know when they will be able to return to their normal life. “Recovery time” is a common question posed to specialists and non-specialists alike. There are many factors that can contribute … read more

Sexual Health

A happy surprised woman reading the results of a home pregnancy test

How To Tell If You Are Pregnant

Following on from our article When is a Woman Most Fertile?, the next question asked is often “am I pregnant yet?“. While the most obvious sign of pregnancy is a missed period, there are other clues that may appear beforehand. The … read more

Dental Health

Abscess Causes and Treatments

An abscess is an accumulation of pus formed under the skin (also called a boil when on the skin) or in deeper body tissue. The cause is almost always an infection by bacterial micro-organisms. The pus is actually the remains of the … read more


Metal Hip Replacements Safety Concerns

Medical experts in the UK are calling for an end to all-metal hip replacements. Although health regulators say that they are safe many doctors and surgeons believe that the metal hips are causing complications as they wear down over time. The BBC … read more