A busy but happy nurse wearing pink

Do You Need a Reason to be a Nurse? Here are 10


A busy but happy nurse wearing pinkNursing is one of the noblest professions anyone can do. At its heart, the job is all about caring and nurturing for fellow humans who are in need. This simple goal is then spiced up with clinical skills and a variety of specialities to create individuals that are the life blood of the UK’s healthcare system.

In light of all these points, nursing is an understandably attractive profession, but sometimes those thinking about getting involved can be put off by talks of strikes, low wages and tense doctor-nurse relations…so here are 10 reasons why you should forget all that and go for it, because nursing will always be an excellent career choice:

1. The very best part about nursing is that you get to be at the front line of health care, directly helping and caring for those most in need. The feeling you get from providing this care is one of pride and satisfaction.

2. Nursing is a very social job. You will never be bored or stuck for someone to talk to as you constantly interact with doctors, patients, other nurses, family members and children.


3. There is never a dull moment in nursing. With lives on the line there is always the feeling that you don’t know what’s going to happen next, making for a lot of excitement every day.

4. No matter whom your employer is, as a nurse you will always have the opportunity to be promoted because the role is so diverse and is represented at all levels of administration.

5. You can even move sideways if you want, as in between departments. So if you want to stop looking after old people and want to move to emergency care, then you can.

6. There is always a need for nurses overseas, so if you have always fancied living in New Zealand or South America, you will have no problems finding a job as a nurse.

7. There will always be a job for you as a qualified nurse, especially as currently there are about 10,000 vacant nursing positions.

8. You can earn a lot of money. Salaries for qualified nurses start around £20k and can be as much as £100k at the highest levels.


9. You don’t have to work in a hospital either as nurses are required in the army, in rural doctor’s surgeries, within mobile clinics, with flying doctor units, in a school or even on oil rigs.

10. Flexible working hours are always available as you can do longs shifts, short shifts, night shifts or day shifts in order to suit your lifestyle.

Hanson Black is a registered nurse and supports Staffnurse.com who advertise care jobs.


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