Clsoeup of woman belly buttonThe belly button is a prime spot for harbouring yeast infections and bacteria. the first signs of a problem are a slight itchiness, followed by soreness, and then possibly an odour from the bacteria. Cleaning alone will not help, and neither will antiseptic creams.

To treat the infection, both an antibacterial and an anti-fungal/yeast should be applied to the belly button after washing and drying. It is often difficult for a doctor to diagnose whether the infection is caused by just yeast or just bacteria, so the double pronged attack is suggested. Usually treatment will last for about 10 days, but your doctor will confirm this.

The deeper the belly button is the harder it is to keep clean and dry. For this reason people who are overweight are at a great risk of developing a belly button infection as it can be harder to keep the belly button clean and dry. Yeast thrives in damp conditions so ensure that the belly button is thoroughly dried after bathing.

Fucibet cream

The first cream to apply to a belly button infection is Fucibet cream, which contains betamethasone valerate and fusidic acid. The betamethasone is a corticosteroid, which is designed to reduce inflammation of the skin.


It is usually the inflammation of the skin that is the cause of the itchiness. The fusidic acid on the other hand is an antibiotic medicine, which is designed to combat the bacterial infection. A common side effect is thinning of the skin, which is why this cream should not be used for any longer than the doctor prescribes for.

Daktarin cream

The Daktarin cream contains miconazole, which is an antifungal that helps to cure the fungi and yeast infections. Miconazole essentially breaks down the fungi, destroying its membranes and preventing it from reproducing. Daktarin does have some antibacterial properties too, but not so potent as the Fucibet.

Both creams should be administered under doctor’s orders, and certainly for no longer than the period that you doctor prescribes them for.

The following medicines also provide the same ingredients:

  • Daktarin Aktiv
  • Daktarin oral gel
  • Daktarin powder
  • Gyno-Daktarin
  • Loramyc

Remember to allows follow your doctors instructions carefully, and always make another appointment if symptoms persist.