Clsoeup of woman belly button

How to Treat a Belly Button Yeast / Bacterial Infection


Clsoeup of woman belly buttonThe belly button is a prime spot for harbouring yeast infections and bacteria. the first signs of a problem are a slight itchiness, followed by soreness, and then possibly an odour from the bacteria. Cleaning alone will not help, and neither will antiseptic creams.

To treat the infection, both an antibacterial and an anti-fungal/yeast should be applied to the belly button after washing and drying. It is often difficult for a doctor to diagnose whether the infection is caused by just yeast or just bacteria, so the double pronged attack is suggested. Usually treatment will last for about 10 days, but your doctor will confirm this.

The deeper the belly button is the harder it is to keep clean and dry. For this reason people who are overweight are at a great risk of developing a belly button infection as it can be harder to keep the belly button clean and dry. Yeast thrives in damp conditions so ensure that the belly button is thoroughly dried after bathing. The following creams can be very effective at treating an infected belly button:

Fucibet cream

The first cream to apply to a belly button infection is Fucibet cream, which contains betamethasone valerate and fusidic acid. The betamethasone is a corticosteroid, which is designed to reduce inflammation of the skin.


It is usually the inflammation of the skin that is the cause of the itchiness. The fusidic acid on the other hand is an antibiotic medicine, which is designed to combat the bacterial infection. A common side effect is thinning of the skin, which is why this cream should not be used for any longer than the doctor prescribes for.

Daktarin cream

The Daktarin cream contains miconazole, which is an antifungal that helps to cure the fungi and yeast infections. Miconazole essentially breaks down the fungi, destroying its membranes and preventing it from reproducing. Daktarin does have some antibacterial properties too, but not so potent as the Fucibet.

Both creams should be administered under doctor’s orders, and certainly for no longer than the period that you doctor prescribes them for.

The following medicines also provide the same ingredients:

  • Daktarin Aktiv
  • Daktarin oral gel
  • Daktarin powder
  • Gyno-Daktarin
  • Loramyc

Remember to allows follow your doctors instructions carefully, and always make another appointment if symptoms persist.


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35 comments on “How to Treat a Belly Button Yeast / Bacterial Infection

  1. People who are overweight do NOT have poor hygiene! This is a myth and a stereotype! The reason they are more prone to belly button infections is that due to stomach size they have larger belly buttons and sweat tends to accumulate in this area, making it a perfect environment for fungus. Please clarify this, thank you!

  2. Hi Rachael, that is certainly not what we meant, the line will be edited to make it clearer. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. I have a belly button infection and became alarmed when I saw blood too. I have great hygeine and I am a bit over weight, but this is my first infection. It looks bad. I have miconazole here at home, and have tried the jock itch cream as well as it is a steroid. It looked a bit better today, but notice it is still red and I have pain with it. When is the right time to see the doctor or do I just continue to do the treatments I am doing with washing and medicines. I use a shower head that you take down that has a hose and spray it in there to wash really well. Please email me if you have other suggestions.

  4. Do I have a belly button infection if its red and produces pus? But it doesn’t hurt, itchy or smell. Please email me if I should go and see a doctor or if you have other suggestions. Thanks

  5. Started out a little itchy last week, thought it was an insect bite. Got worse, with fine bumps, brought Lotramin and its drying out. Do you think it’s candadia?

  6. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s really not itchy anymore so I think I may be fine now. If it doesn’t clear completley by Saturday I will go to the doctor

  7. Almost 3 years ago i found blood in my belly button but it went away by itself within 2 days … but 2 months ago i found the upper portion of my belly button swollen and there was blood, pus as well as a terrible smell … i went to the doctors and they said i had an infection and started the treatment but no changes …. i am still having this problem … i do not know what to do … the upper portion of my belly button is still swollen and still blood and pus come out of it with the terrible smell … any one how can help?

  8. Go back to your doctor. I trust they gave you some medication, maybe antibiotics, to fight the infection? Go back and see what they suggest. You cannot fight such infections with alternative medical advice from the Internet!

  9. I happened to notice that I have a red belly button. It is mostly inside the belly button and it is moist. I can’t really see anything else. Should I see my doctor?

  10. Hi May. You will be underweight due to not eating enough. It is not possible to give a cause of the infection, but maybe your immune system has been weakened as a result of malnutrition. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses and lean meats.

  11. One of my employees has a iny belly button but over the last couple weeks it has become infected and has now turned into an outy. I have never seen anything like this before?! Is almost looks as if he has a pregnant belly button very strange. Please help he has no insurance. Is it life threatening??

  12. Hi Brett, not possible to provide any diagnosis. Can he not see a doctor at all? Maybe a pharmacist will take a look for free and suggest some form of treatment.

  13. i have a smell coming from my belly button…nothing else is going on with it…should i see a doctor or can i try something over the counter first.

  14. My BB is left of center after 2 major surgeries for colon re-section. It’s like a slit. Never had a prob with BB, but it is red, hard, and very painful inside and around the outside. Doctor ‘s Dx is a yeast infection with antibiotic and Nystatin cream. Do my symptoms match with a BB yeast infection?
    I had an umbilical hernia repair years before the re-section. I had a kidney removed 3 months before the re-section, and developed another hernia. This was repaired during the re-section with mesh.

  15. I think I have a belly button infection, I have a strange ‘inny’ belly button and Afew times now it has produced a strange smell and redness but once I clean it it usually goes away for afew months and I forget about it. I am not overweight and am hygienic and clean but it does concern me that it has come back twice now. Should I be concerned?

  16. Emily, keep it clean and dry, apply an antiseptic cream. Hopefully the infection will clear up. If not consult a pharmacist or doctor.

  17. Hi I am a young woman that is 23 and at 21 I get my belly button periced and I change the ring sometimes and I notice that I was getting a painful pain in both the belly button holes and the top of my belly button hole is little red what can I do for it? Ps the ring is out now

  18. Hi Chelsea, if it is painful and there is no sign of an open wound of infection then really you should consult a doctor.

    In the meantime wash it thoroughly, dry it, then apply some antiseptic cream, such as Savlon, to ensure that bacteria cannot spread on the skin, and hope that the body’s immune system fights the infection under the skin.

  19. Yes it is. Being overweight only makes it more likely for moisture to remain within the belly button cavity – although of course is not the case with all overweight people as Rachael pointed out. If you are slim you can still get an infection.

  20. Hi, I have had problems with my belly button for years. I believe they started right before my teen years and im 22 now. Doctors told me there should be no reason for me to be getting infections. Never did they suggest any kind of treatment other than keeping it clean, which I do. Sometimes if you dont have medicare or insurance I think the doctors just push you aside. Thank you for your suggestions! I just wanted to make people aware of my situation so that they dont feel alone.

  21. You should be able to get both the creams mentioned over the counter, possibly off the shelve top; speak with your pharmacist.

  22. For the past three mornings I’ve woke up with yellowish dried up liquid in and around my belly button, it seemed to be less this morning. Should I be concerned? It doesn’t smell or anything.

  23. Hello, the inside of my belly button Burns a little sore and has white puss and it smells like rotten flesh. What can I do or use as a home remedy instead of going to the hospital or doctor’s office?


  25. Wash thoroughly and allow to dry. Maybe use a talk to keep dry. Is there a pharmacist nearby? They shouldn’t charge for some advice.

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