How to Treat Constipation


Constipation is a very common medical condition. It is simply the result of the bowels not opening frequently enough and the faeces becoming hard and dry, which makes their passage slower, and sometimes more painful.

Frequency of bowel movement varies from person to person, some people have 2 or 3 movements a day, and others may go several days without a bowel movement. Problems arise when the bowel movement halts for prolonged periods. This is almost always caused by a problem with diet.

Ending periods of constipation is really quite easy. The best approach is to make a lifestyle change. Exercise more and eat more fibre and more roughage. Some people may have problem foods, such as dairy, so identifying these and reducing them from the diet will also help.

If the constipation is not cleared by a change in lifestyle, then it is wise to seek a medical opinion, as a blockage can be caused by a tumour. Bowel cancer is one of the biggest killers today. It is thought that a combination of overeating, eating the wrong foods, an imbalanced diet and lack of exercise all contribute to bowel cancer. As these are al the triggers of constipation, many people ignore the condition thinking that their problem is a simple lack of exercise and roughage.


If the symptoms of constipation are not cleared by a change in diet, then medicine can be taken. There are several over the counter remedies, such as Senokot and other laxatives that can be taken. Enemas can also help.


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