Skin Care for Diabetics


Skin CareMany people tend to overlook the fact that skin is the largest organ in the body, and just as you would care for your other organs you should also care for your skin. Proper skin care is important for everyone, this helps keep your skin, not only attractive, but also in a healthy condition and the healthier your skin is the better it can heal should there be any injury.

A very important step in this is proper cleansing and moisturising of your skin, this is even more important for those who suffer from diabetes. For diabetics skin care is especially important for several reasons; one reason is that because of the circulation issues that many diabetics face,proper skin care is a key to making certain that the skin stays healthy.

Although this may seem far fetched keep in mind that when a person cuts or sustains an injury to their skin the scarring can take time to heal. The healing time is even longer for a person with diabetes because the blood circulation in their body isn’t as healthy as someone without diabetes; as a result a diabetic’s skin tends to retain scarring from cuts and injuries to their skin.

There are several precautions that can be taken to help minimize the potential for damage to a diabetic’s skin. One of the best ways to help is to keep the skin moisturised  this means using soap that is friendly to the specific skin type they may have.  After bathing it’s also important to use moisturising lotions in order to help saturate the skin. The better moisturised skin is the more flexible it is, what this means is that it also has better circulation and better healing capabilities.


Although every care possible should be taken in order to avoid cuts, scratches and damages to a diabetic’s skin, the fact of the matter is that there will be occasions when injuries do happen. Should a diabetic receive a wound to their skin it’s important to treat it properly and take every precaution possible to aid in its healing and to avoid scarring as much as possible.  Just as there are preventative steps when it comes to proper skin care, there are also steps that should be taken if an injury is received.

Should a diabetic suffer a skin injury its important to treat it appropriately to help encourage the healing process as well as minimize the scarring. The first thing to do is properly clean the wound to eliminate bacteria and germs. After the cleaning and proper treatment, an antibiotic ointment should be applied and the wound properly bandaged.  Once the wound has closed and begins healing using a lotion that contains vitamin E or cocoa butter which will help in promoting complete healing so that the scarring is kept to a minimum.

Making certain that your skin is healthy is a routine that takes very little time, but reaps big rewards by eliminating issues such as permanent scarring and discolourations from injuries. Aside from the cosmetic aspect of a good skin care routine, for diabetics, the application of skin care products also helps promote healthy circulation, this is why a little bit of effort is well worth the rewards.

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