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When to Ask For a Live In Carer


Recognising When Care Needs to Become Permanent

Live in care is a great alternative to residential care, and allows people to maintain their dignity and independence for as long as possible.

It’s never easy talking about care for the elderly, but sometimes it’s a subject you just can’t avoid any more. Perhaps you’re starting to feel a little low on confidence in your own home, or maybe you’re a concerned relative who wants to do the best for your loved one – whatever your circumstances, sometimes a live in carer is the best option. To help you to decide if you’re ready to take that step, here’s a short guide to when might be the time to start looking for live in care.

Chores are becoming too much

It may be time to arrange some live in care if managing day to day activities has become difficult. This could be anything from gardening to preparing dinner, or perhaps more personal tasks such as getting out of bed and getting dressed. For those who take pride in their home and appearance, a live in carer allows them to just keep on top of things. It doesn’t matter if a person needs a hand buttoning a shirt up or wants to make a cake for their grandchildren, a carer is just there to make things a little easier.


A person is isolated

If a person’s children or partner aren’t available to provide care, then they can become very lonely, as well as at risk of injury and ill health. They may be on their own following the death of their partner, or perhaps their children aren’t local to them. Rather than putting strain on their remaining family and friends, a live in carer will be able to provide round the clock care and put any loved one’s minds to rest, leaving them free to visit in happier circumstances.

They’ve lost their confidence

If a person is living on their own, they may feel vulnerable and frightened – something that should never happen in the comfort of their own home. If they’re becoming a little frail or confused too, then those worries could be even more severe for them. A live in carer will help someone who needs it to feel comfortable in their home again. It’s incredible what the reassurance of a person nearby can do, and a live in carer will be on hand day or night – even if it’s just for a cup of tea and a chat!

Live in care is tailored to each individual

Live in care isn’t just a one size fits all service. People are carefully matched to carers, so that transition to full time care is as smooth as possible. So if the time does come for you to arrange some live in care, what is the next step? Well, you should always get in touch with a reputable provider of Independent People live in carers, who will then be able to get the ball rolling. It’s not a step anyone wants to take, but if you’re selective about your care provider the process should be as easy as possible.


When it’s time to take that step, do it with peace of mind

Hopefully this has helped you to identify whether you or your loved one need to hire a live in carer. While having a carer in permanent residence may feel like surrendering their last piece of independence for some, it will actually help a person to maintain their dignity and enjoyment of the world around them for as long as possible. So when the time does come, don’t shy away from asking for the right help for you.


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