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Jon Wade, founder of Medimise.com.

Jon Wade, founder of Medimise.com.

Jon Wade Cert Health Sci (Open) is the founder, editor and principal author of Medimise.com.

Jon holds a Certificate in Health Sciences from the Open University. Focus areas during study were weight issues and human nutrition. Specialist subject areas covered:

  • Challenging Obesity – a study and analysis of the causes and cures of obesity
  • Human Nutrition – understanding food and how it affects us physically and mentally
  • Diabetes Care – a study of the techniques, methods and theory of caring for people with diabetes, including nutritional care and insulin management.
  • COPD – Including the function of the lungs and cardiovascular system and how oxygen is transported to the cells of the body.
  • Pain – Understanding of pain control, tolerance and treatment.
  • Trauma, Repair, Recovery – How the body responds to injury and damage, include muscle regeneration and bone and tendon repair.

Additional subjects covered included Alcohol and Human HealthBreast CancerVisual Impairment and aspects of Epidemiology.


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