Cambridge Scientists Close to Curing the Common Cold and Winter Vomiting Bug


In the news today is a report that scientists at Cambridge University feel that they have made a medical breakthrough that may see a cure for the common cold.

Scientists have discovered that antibodies attack viruses inside cells. While some antibodies fight in the way it was always understood, some other antibodies will follow a virus into a cell and fight it from within.

Doctors have plenty of antibiotics to fight bacterial infections but few antiviral drugs. Although these are early days, and we don’t yet know whether all viruses are cleared by this mechanism, we are excited that our discoveries may open multiple avenues for developing new antiviral drugs,” Dr Leo James, Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge.

However, we have to ask – why do we need a cure for the common cold anyway? When was the last time somebody actually died of a cold? A cure for all forms of influenza would be worthwhile, but colds are usually just some sniffles. Do we need a cure? Surely the budgets for researching colds could be used elsewhere?


Well, actually this discovery may lead to a greater understanding of other viruses, so it could potentially lead to more cures for more dangerous viruses such as gastroenteritus. Viruses are still one of the biggest killers on the planet and are responsible for smallpox, chickenpox, shingles, herpes, polio, rabies, Ebola, hanta fever, Aids, influenza, colds, and various forms of cancer.


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3 comments on “Cambridge Scientists Close to Curing the Common Cold and Winter Vomiting Bug

  1. Nothing that we can use at the moment. It was more a discovery of how antibodies attack a virus. Viruses spread by infecting cells in the body. It was thought that once a virus had attacked a cell antibodies could no longer attack the virus (i.e. antibodies could only attack viruses outside of cells). But the research has shown that antibodies (or some specific types) can follow a virus into a cell and continue to attack it. This could lead to a whole new way in which medical researchers explore ways to combat viruses.

    So for now you just have to stick with garlic and lemon unfortunately!

  2. I strongly support this kind of researches. Viruces are actually affecting millions of people every year. They are very dangerous to peope with weack immune system, olderly and people with other sickensses and even can lead to death in some cases. In fact viruses kills about the same number of people each year as cancer. Unfortunatly cold comes with vomiting bug very often during the last few years. Especially it is spreaded in schools and looks like nobody going to do nothing about that. They just look to increase attendance. Perents keep on sending their il kids to schoold, because they afraid to get in to trouble. Viruses spread fast this way. My kids bringing cold with vomiting bug from school each cold season, sometimes twice or more.
    And when I caled school office to let them know that my kids are not comming they told me: It is so sad, we have a lot of children vomiting in school this time…
    It must be a law prohibiting parents taking kids who catched vires to the schools.
    That is the only way to reduce the spread of viruses. If this medicine will be available, it will stop so many people from suffering.
    Also as a suggestion I would recomment vitamin D as prevention of getting cold and flu. Many researches that are posted on internet explains that in details.
    Thank you!

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