Laser Use in the Medical Field


Laser surgery in the operating theatre

The use of lasers in the medical field has become common due to the simplicity of carrying out different diagnostics. Laser technology has continued to develop over the last fifty years since it was introduced.

The medical field has diversified a lot over the last few years with new medical practices coming in. Different laser technologies have been utilized to provide a viable solution for most of these practices.

Types of medical lasers and their uses

Gas lasers

This comprises of CO2 laser, which is used to extract tumors from the skin. The tumors, such as warts and mucous cysts, are benign. CO2 lasers are also used in surgery, especially for cutting.


Diode lasers

These lasers are used mostly on soft-tissue operations such as hair removal as well as photo-rejuvenation to minimize signs of aging.

Solid state lasers

There are a number of lasers under this category.

  • Nd:YAG lasers like diode lasers are used for hair removal and photo-rejuvenation. However, they are also used for skin surgery as well as acne therapy.
  • Ruby lasers are used for removal of tattoos as well as skin lesions.

Liquid lasers

These comprise of dye lasers utilized for treating benign skin tumors also known as vascular lesions.

The above mentioned medical lasers are but a handful. However, they are readily employed in many medical practices. The success rate of carrying out surgeries and other treatments using a laser is quite high. In addition, medical operations that were impossible before are now safe procedures. This is why lasers have become quite popular in the field of medicine.

Benefits of Laser Use

Cosmetic surgery is one medical area that laser use is extensive. It is not only safer to have a number of procedures carried out using laser technology, but it is also quite effective. Here are some benefits linked to laser use in regard to cosmetic surgery.

Laser Lipo ensures better health – It was known as liposuction before the introduction of laser. Now, laser lipo, which is safer, simpler and faster, can help patients lose unwanted fat and live healthier lives. The treatment is non invasive and has no side effects. In addition, there is no probing and poking, which means no pain for the patients.


It is affordable – Previously, cosmetic surgery was exorbitantly priced. Laser surgery and improvisation has brought down the cost, which makes it affordable to more people.

Faster healing period – Because the surgery is non-invasive, laser treatments allow for quicker healing. This does away with the time taken to recover, and the skin does not suffer from cuts or bruises brought on by surgery.

Laser treatments can stop bleeding – Through the use of lasers; doctors can stop bleeding of blood vessels, which would otherwise be difficult to reach.

The use of laser in the medical field has certainly simplified a lot of medical treatments. Patients no longer have to go through life-threatening procedures to treat minor ailments. The continued development in the technological field can only make things even simpler. There may at some point be a solution for diseases that have been difficult to contain or cure.

As mentioned earlier, laser technology has only been used for a little more than fifty years. It has been effective, result oriented, and greatly reduced complications in some medical diagnostics. In another fifty years, we can only anticipate more evolution in the field of medicine.


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