Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in USA Kills 24

The fungal meningitis outbreak in America has now taken its 24th victim, another person in Indiana had died from the disease. The outbreak has been traced to a tainted batch of steroid medication from the New England Compounding Center. 3 of … read more

Technology In Medicine

From times when it was thought draining blood from the body would get rid of disease to surgical procedures with no form of anaesthetic, medicine has evolved over thousands of years to become a major talking point all over the … read more

Knee Replacement Safety Concerns

A recent article by Andrew Carr, a professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of Oxford, has issued a warning that many knee replacements could pose future risk to patients. Andrew Carr has warned that many knee replacements may be unsafe and lead … read more

Sun Dried Tomatoes May Cause Hepatitis A

A recent outbreak of hepatitis A in the UK may have been caused by contaminated sun-dried tomatoes. Hepatitis A is carried by human excrement and can be passed on through contaminated food and water. When the condition progresses it causes fatal liver … read more

Cancer Screening – Is It Worth It?

The UK may be headed for some major health reforms in the forthcoming years. Today The Telegraph reported that cancer screening may be a casualty of the NHS reforms. Along with reductions in screening there are likely to be cuts in spending on immunisation programmes, mental health care, tobacco control and smoking cessation. read more