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New UK-Made Hand Sanitiser Hits The Shelves


Hand Sanitiser

Covid 19 News: April 3, 2020: Just one month after coronavirus led to a global hand sanitiser shortage, ProVive has produced their first batch of hand sanitiser. The first delivery has arrived at the UK mobility retailer, CareCo, and is in stock today. They are taking orders online and over the phone for delivery from Monday 6th April.

70% alcohol hand sanitiser – made in Britain

ProVive hand sanitiser is made with 70% alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerin, carborner, and sodium hydroxide. It comes in 250ml bottles with dispenser lid.

This is the first UK made hand sanitiser we have seen for many years – most are made in China and shipped over. However, Chinese supplies have run out, and British companies have had to rapidly develop their own versions for the UK market.


Stocks are limited and while care providers can bulk buy, individuals are asked to buy only what they absolutely need.

Buy hand sanitiser online here.


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