It’s Stoptober – Get Help To Quit Smoking This October


StoptoberA new campaign has been launched in the UK to help people to quit smoking. Based on the fact that people who quit smoking for 28 days are 5 times more likely to quit forever, the NHS has launched a new campaign for October called STOPTOBER.

“It’s like October, but without cigarettes.” – NHS,

The idea is to make October a month of mass quitting. To help people to quit the NHS has provided several new services:

The Facebook Page already has 98,197 Likes and the fans are coming in fast. The FB page provides tips throughout the day. Today (Tuesday 2nd October) they say:


“Break your days down into mini milestones. Celebrate getting to breakfast, lunch and dinner smokefree.

You’re already at less risk of having a heart attack. How great is that!?”

Great advice, simple but very effective. Plus a reminder of one of the health benefits of stopping smoking.

Last night just before midnight the advice was:

“Try and get an early night tonight. Your body is already healing itself and getting rid of nicotine and Carbon Monoxide.”

Carbon monoxide is a huge problem for smokers. When carbon monoxide enters the blood it binds irreversibly to haemoglobin, taking the space used by oxygen. As the life cycle of a red blood cell is around 30 days, each cell infected with carbon monoxide has reduced capacity to supply oxygen to the vital organs for around one month. And it can take a full month, at least, to recover full oxygen transport capacity. This is why smokers often find themselves tiring sooner – their muscles cannot get enough oxygen due to a build up of carbon monoxide.


You can learn more about Stoptober and other NHS schemes to help you to quit smoking at

Here are some specific events for those living in Essex – Get Help To Quit Smoking This Stoptober (EssexPortal).


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