Kanebo Skin Whitening Products Recalled After Medical Problems


Kanebo Cosmetics are recalling their skin whitening cream after reports of medical problems in Taiwan. The product has recently caused severe de-pigmentation and so far around 2,250 people have reported serious symptoms such as large white blotches. Over 6,800 people have reported some skin problems since the recall 3 weeks ago.

Kanebo Cosmetics is Japan’s second largest cosmetics company. It makes a skin whitening product which is very popular in Taiwan. Today we are hearing news reports that the product is having to be recalled after many people started experiencing problems following the application of the Kanebo skin whitening cream.

All across Asia the skin whitening industry is growing as more people wish to have fairer skin. It is not uncommon for teenagers to apply factor 50 sun block and carry a parasol to prevent their tan developing.

So far around 60,000 units have been returned to Kanebo but there are many more in people’s homes which are putting people at risk.



The FDA warned against all products containing 4HPB (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol) OR RHODODENOL on 4th July 2013 when the first recall was made. The news is only just hitting Western media.

Countries where the product is sold include Thailand,  Hong Kong, Taiwan,  South Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia,  and Vietnam.

Recall in Japan Delayed

The Wall Street Journal have reported that the Japanese government has criticized Kanebo for delaying the recall in Japan and other Asian countries.

40% of Moisturizers Contain Whitening Product in Asia

It is thought that around 40% of all moisturizers in Asia are now sold with some skin whitening chemicals within them. There is a huge demand by women who want to have light and smooth skin.

As far as we can tell Sensai products are not affected. Sensai is a popular Kanebo brand in Europe and are sold in Harrods and other top stores in the UK.




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