Body Hacks For A Longer Life – Simple Changes To Improve Health and Longevity


Body hacks for a longer lifeThe following graphic provides some simple tips on living a healthier and more fulfilling life. Although we usually focus on specific conditions and treatments here at Medimise, this graphic does provide some pretty useful advice. Follow it, and you should love a longer and happier life.

It covers issues such as chronic inflammation, smoking, blood pressure, metabolism, exercise, diet, intellectual health, sleep and emotional health. While many of us can cope with one of two lifestyle factors being neglected, it is usually when we neglect several at the same time (such as smoking, not exercising, eating unhealthy food) that problems start to arise at a worrying rate.

You can click the image to make it appear it in a new tab – press Ctrl+ to make it larger and easier to view.

The image was created by who provide information and advice for those looking to become qualified in preparation to enter the medical profession. They only provide information for US universities.



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  1. Great infographic – I’m got most of this covered except for the sleep bit, which I’m working on. Glad you’ve got wine and chocolate in there – nice!


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